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Adobe Premiere Pro to Revolutionize Video Editing with New AI Tools

Adobe Premiere Pro, a leading software for professional video editing, is set to redefine the industry with its latest AI-powered features. These innovative tools will enable video editors to accomplish more with less effort, marking a significant leap in video editing technology.

The Generative Extend feature is one of the most anticipated additions to Premiere Pro. This tool will allow editors to add frames to extend video clips, ensuring perfectly timed edits and smooth transitions. By extending a scene, editors can maintain the flow of the video without resorting to abrupt cuts or transitions.

Adobe's new AI tools will also empower editors to add or remove objects in videos. With smart selection and tracking tools, editors can remove unwanted items, change an actor's wardrobe, or even add set dressings like paintings on a wall or plants on a desk. This level of control opens up new possibilities for post-production, allowing editors to fine-tune every detail of a scene.

Perhaps the most exciting feature is the ability to create new video footage directly within Premiere Pro using a text to video feature. Users can type text into a prompt or upload images to generate video content. The resulting clips can be used for B-roll, creating storyboards, and more, offering a versatile tool for content creation.

Adobe plans to roll out these generative AI tools later in 2024, promising a transformative update for Premiere Pro users.

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