Adobe unveils Photoshop and Illustrator, which work through the browser

Adobe has announced an important step - the popular Photoshop and Illustrator applications have become available in web versions, in other words, you can work in them through a browser.

The web versions of Photoshop and Illustrator are designed to work together. They provide access to basic editing and project collaboration. The main purpose of these versions is to allow collaborators to open and view your work in a browser, leave comments and reviews. Everything happens in the same way as with documents in Google Docs.

At this point, the user can save the work to Adobe Creative Cloud and allow anyone to open it anywhere. However, this user must have the app installed on their PC or iPad.

Adobe explains:

Now with Photoshop or Illustrator, colleagues can view and add comments right in their browser without downloading apps or signing up for a Creative Cloud subscription. ”

This means you can show your work directly to an ad agency or other clients who don't have Adobe products installed.

At the moment, Adobe has opened public beta testing of Photoshop on the Web, and Illustrator on the Web is available as part of closed testing, you can sign up for participation here. Photoshop on the Web works in Chrome and Edge browsers. In the first phase of testing, limited editing options are available, such as simple layers, selection tools, masks, and so on.

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