Advance versions of Windows 11 circulate full of malware


Windows 11 was officially announced by Microsoft and the new version of the operating system has caused great anticipation among users. We know that many computers will have it pre-installed by the end of this year, while most of the public can expect an update in 2022 if it meets the minimum requirements. But many users already want to have Windows 11 and cybercriminals take advantage of it.

Kaspersky reports alleged versions of Windows 11 circulating online, loaded with malware rather than news.

Beware of these copies of Windows 11

Kaspersky analyzed an executable called "6307_windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe” that promises the Windows 11 experience in advance

It weighs just 1.75GB and runs like any Windows installer. It hides another installer that loads the computer with malicious programs. This malware can range from annoying types of adware to Trojans, password stealing programs, and more.

Kaspersky indicates that its products have already detected and stopped hundreds of attempted infections with Windows 11 scams.

Then what do I do?

First of all, don't trust third-party installers that promise Windows 11.

For now, only Windows Insider Program participants have official access to preview copies of Windows 11. And the experience of these users can be varied. Let's remember: early access means dealing with problems of an operating system that is still in development. The average user is better off waiting for the final version of 2011.

In the event that you do not have system compatibility, there is good news: Windows 10 will be supported until at least October 14, 2025.

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