Aerial photography shows that Shanghai Luchao Port has parked a large number of Tesla EV

Data released by the China Passenger Transport Association showed that Tesla sold nearly 78,000 electric vehicles in the domestic market in June, setting a new high since the Shanghai Gigafactory was put into production, while exports fell to 968 vehicles.

After mainly supplying the domestic market in June, the electric vehicles produced by Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory in the next month or so will be exported in large quantities to supply other markets.

According to the latest aerial photography reports, foreign media said that Luchao Port, which is about 6 kilometers away from Tesla’s Shanghai Super Factory, has parked a large number of Tesla electric vehicles, and it is expected that all of them will be exported to Europe soon.

The foreign media also mentioned in the report that a large number of Tesla electric vehicles are parked at Luchao Port, which means that all new cars parked in the Shanghai Super Factory are basically shipped to this port.

In addition, foreign media also found through aerial photography that most of the Tesla electric cars that have been shipped to Luchao Port are Model 3, and the rest are Model Y.

It is not surprising that Tesla exported the Model 3 produced by the Shanghai Gigafactory to the European market. The Shanghai Gigafactory is one of two Tesla factories currently producing the Model 3, the other being the Fremont, California factory.

Thanks to Tesla's Gigafactory in Berlin, deliveries of the Model Y began in March this year. The weekly output of this super factory Model Y reached 1,000 units in June, and it has started three-shift production. With the increase in production, the ability to supply the European market will continue to increase, and the import volume of Model Y will also increase. reduce accordingly.

The foreign media also mentioned in the report that the electric vehicles produced by Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory are mainly supplied to other markets in the first half of each quarter, and the domestic market in the second half, which means that in the next one During the month, a large number of electric vehicles produced by the Shanghai Super Factory will be delivered to Luchao Port, and then exported to other markets.

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