Airbus predicts that 39,000 new aircraft will be needed globally in 2040

Airbus said that the new crown epidemic that hindered aircraft sales is only a temporary setback. In the next two decades, replacement aircraft related to reducing carbon emissions will drive demand growth.

Airbus expects that by 2040, airlines, leasing companies, and cargo companies will purchase more than 39,000 new passengers and cargo aircraft. Before the opening of flydubai, Airbus announced its long-term market outlook for the first time in two years.

Airbus said that older aircraft with lower fuel efficiency will be retired at an accelerated pace, and it is expected that by then most commercial aircraft will be new-generation models, which is currently about 13%.

An Airbus official said that it is expected that the growth in demand will be driven by the replacement of the old, rather than the expansion of the fleet.

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