Alfa Romeo GTV: Glorious (and unexpected) comeback from Stellantis


Alfa Romeo plans the return of another of its iconic models, a GTV very different from the one we all expected. That Alfa Romeo wants to go back to being the Italian brand of reference that once competed with Mercedes or BMW, is not something exactly new. However, now well-positioned as a premium firm within the new strategy of the great Stellantis group, its projects take on special importance now and today we bring you one of the most promising: the new Alfa Romeo GTV.

After establishing the Giulia and Stelvio in our market and shelving its other models, from the Giuilietta and the MiTo to the sporty 4C, the biscione brand prepares a complete offensive, full of original models and that its new CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato wants to crown with a spectacular flagship, an Alfa GTV with 4 doors and electrified mechanics, in the style of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé or Audi A5 Sportback.

A very different GTV than expected

In a recent interview with the British publication Autocar, Imparato confirms that the previous GTV project that involved taking advantage of the Giulia chassis to conceive a coupe of about 4.50 meters long with 2 + 2 seats has been canceled, but confesses to the At the same time, that the return of this icon is one of his favorite projects. "There is still no announcement planned for this stage, but I am very interested," said the president in reference to the GTV.

The new GTV will have a new mechanical base and aesthetic DNA to be the 'flag' of Alfa Romeo. Let us remember that Jean-Philippe Imparato was the father of the much-admired e-Legend concept during his previous time at Peugeot, a model with electric mechanics, a style similar to a muscle car and above all a strong inspiration in the veteran 504 Coupé, which he conquered to the admirers of the lion mark. Although this project was eventually ruled out due to the large investment it entailed for Peugeot, the same might not happen with the Alfa Romeo GTV, which could justify the conception of a model with these characteristics, coupe, retro, and electric, with a significantly higher price.

A big electrified coupe

The Alfa Romeo GTV has been marketed during different stages in the history of the biscione brand, although the most recently is not exactly old. A two-door coupe with 2 + 2 seats resisted on the market from 1995 to 2005, to be replaced then by a Brera that never managed to repeat its success. Although the successor of this model will be totally different from its predecessors, it is not ruled out that it may include a Spider version like these, as Imparato has also confessed that the new Alfa Romeo range will include "three SUVs, a saloon, a supermini, and a Spider", using the same denomination.

At Car and Driver ES we wanted to illustrate this information with the Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept, the latest model designed by the Italian brand with these same characteristics: a coupe sedan or a large four-door coupe, as you prefer. In this case, also, the model in question included a special configuration of doors opening opposite -or suicidal-, and stood out for a slim and original style that for now, the brand has not reflected in any of its later models. We do not know if the new Alfa Romeo work team it will go unnoticed or if it will choose to rescue it, but there is a suggestion.

It must be emphasized that this is not the only project that Alfa Romeo has underway and before meeting the final version of the GTV we are expected to do the same with the Tonale, the brand's compact SUV that we saw at the last Geneva Motor Show as a concept car and that it will position itself as the Stelvio's little brother.

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