Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo has the exact release date

Pendulo Studios is a team that in the past brought us, for example, a video game adaptation of the Blacksad comic, but their next project will not lack a familiar model. Their forces are currently focused on the work of the psychological adventure thriller Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo, which is inspired by the work of the legendary director.

And it was for this title that the release date of the PC version was announced when December 16 was chosen. The cantilever variants will arrive in 2022.

Below you can see a sample that will tell you the story.

The play will focus on the case of the writer Ed Miller, who experiences an unpleasant crash, after which he begins to suffer from dizziness. However, only he was found in the wreckage, and Ed swears that his wife and daughter also traveled with him. As a result, an investigation will be launched in which you will never be sure what is true and what is not.

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