Alipay reminds "severe cases are even suspected of breaking the law"

Alipay Security Center issued a document today, "Buying and selling accounts to make small money? Such "sweet traps" need to be vigilant! ", Alipay said, "Earning some living expenses by buying and selling your idle bank accounts, game accounts, and social accounts" sounds like a very "attractive" thing, but behind this "attraction", it is illegal The traps laid by the elements may even bear legal joint and several liabilities.

"Buying and selling accounts" include buying, selling, renting, and lending accounts, and specifically refers to the illegal act of individuals or entities selling, renting, or lending their personal or entity accounts to others for use without complying with the relevant laws and regulations of the state.

Taking buying and selling bank card accounts as an example, users have borrowed or fraudulently used identity information without knowing that renting or lending accounts is illegal, and have been involved in illegal and criminal activities, causing immeasurable losses to the defrauded. The "Notice of the People's Bank of China on Further Strengthening Payment and Settlement Management to Prevent New Types of Illegal and Criminal Telecommunication Networks" (Yinfa No. 85) clearly stipulates: "From April 1, 2019, banks and payment institutions shall Units and individuals that lease, lend, sell, or purchase bank accounts (including bank cards) or payment accounts and relevant organizers identified by public security organs at or above the level of public security, and units and individuals that open bank accounts by pretending to be others or fictitious agency relationships, and related organizations Organizers, entities and individuals who open bank accounts or payment accounts by impersonating the identity of others or fictitious agency relationships, shall suspend their non-counter business of bank accounts and all business of payment accounts within 5 years, and shall not open new accounts for them.

How Dangerous Are Buying and Selling Accounts? At the level of social harm, criminals assist criminals to transfer funds by purchasing or renting personal or unit accounts to conduct telecommunication fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, or bribery, which seriously damages social integrity and social order.

For individual users, buying, selling, renting, and lending accounts not only provide criminals with tools for committing crimes, causing personal information leakage, but also bring huge credit risks and legal risks to themselves, and is even suspected of committing crimes in serious cases.

Alipay assists law enforcement agencies in continuing to crack down on such illegal acts: On July 5, 2020, the defendant, Cai Mouming, sold his Alipay account for 500 yuan and lent his mobile phone to Cai, knowing that others were using it for illegal and criminal activities. a new use. On July 5, 2020, the victim Yu was defrauded of more than 30,000 yuan by the Internet, and some of the stolen money was defrauded and transferred in and out through the Alipay account sold by the defendant Cai Mouming. Audited by the public prosecution department, the Alipay account sold by the defendant, Cai Mouming, transferred in funds of 954,489.20 yuan and transferred out 954,492.56 yuan. After the trial, the court held that: defendant Cai clearly knew that others used the information network to commit crimes, and provided payment and settlement assistance for him. The circumstances were serious and constituted the crime of helping information network criminal activities. In the end, the defendant Cai Mouming was sentenced to eight months in prison and fined 8,000 yuan. The defendant Cai Mouming's illegal profits of 500 yuan were recovered and turned over to the state treasury.

Alipay reminds: The so-called "rent and buy account business" is essentially the criminals who use the identity of ordinary users to carry out illegal and criminal acts to evade supervision and tracking. Please be vigilant.

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