Alipay Sesame Credit launches express delivery service

Zhima Credit in the Alipay App has launched an express delivery service of "deliver before pay". Users can choose to use this service when placing an order in the express applet in the Alipay App. After the courier completes the package, the system calculates the courier fee and automatically initiates a deduction on Alipay. At present, brands such as Zhongtong, Yunda, and Wei Express have been connected to Sesame’s “send before pay”, and more express brands will be connected in the future.

Te "send first, pay later" service can save users the time of waiting for the courier to weigh and calculate the price and eliminate the user's manual payment of freight on site. It also helps to solve the irregularities of the courier using his personal account to collect payment. The problem.

At present, Zhima Credit has provided commercial credit services to hundreds of millions of users, covering many scenarios such as deposit-free leasing, online shopping, business travel, visas for going abroad, and local life.

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