All about the PERTE Plan: 24,000 million for electromobility

It will involve an unprecedented investment so far since it is about 24,000 million euros that will go to the so-called electromobility.

It is called the PERTE plan, a Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation of the Electric and Connected Vehicle and encompasses a series of initiatives aimed at promoting electromobility, a sector that the Government considers strategic.

For its expansion, the objective is to emphasize public-private collaboration and create a new mobility model for a new country model after the pandemic, said Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez during the presentation of this proposal.

PERTE electromobility plan

The objective is ambitious given that an investment of more than 24,000 million euros is planned from this year 2021 to 2023, divided into 4,300 million of public money and 19,700 from the private sector. This investment would mean that the sector would increase its importance within GDP to reach 15% in 2030. All to create what the president has defined as a European HUB for electromobility.

Spain is currently the second European vehicle manufacturer and the ninth in the world and this activity accounts for 11% of the industry's turnover. The automotive sector is the fourth exporting sector and represents 15% of the total of what is exported.

To implement this plan, an Alliance for the Electric and Connected Vehicle has been created.

In terms of employment, PERTE could create 140,000 jobs with a contribution to GDP of between 1% and 1.7%.

It will also be a priority to have trained workers and that is why new VET programs aimed at this sector are being implemented, to which are added other digital qualifications, which will be financed with European funds.

Electric car expansion

"In this area, I would like to highlight that Spain is the first country in which an Academy for Batteries is going to be launched. An initiative that will allow the training of some 150,000 people in the coming years in the different fields related to development. and manufacture of batteries for electric cars, "confirmed Sánchez.

The goal is to reach 250,000 registered electric vehicles by 2023 and between 80,000 and 110,000 recharging points spread throughout Spain.

PERTE will be made up of two complementary areas of action:

  • Transformative measures to boost the value chain of the electric and connected vehicle focused on the central segments of the industrial value chain that guarantee the manufacture of these vehicles. A sustainable automotive technology plan will be created with special attention to artificial intelligence.

  • Facilitating measures, which contribute both to the creation of new mobility and to the development of the electric vehicle.

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