All the news from Apple at WWDC 2021


As is customary, the Cupertino company has unveiled some of its novelties for this year at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2021. In this presentation, the second that is done remotely due to the coronavirus, the radical updates for iMac, iPhone, iPad, and iWatch were shown.

Despite rumors suggesting that Apple would reveal new devices, such as a fully updated MacBook Pro, the company limited itself to its recent software developments, which will be available to the public later this year.

iPhone updates with iOS15

The operating system for mobile devices features an advanced and revolutionary FaceTime. Best of all, it will finally be compatible with Android and Windows, so it can be connected via browser.

Apple's video calling app is loaded with many new features, including spatial audio, which will simulate a live conversation; refined sound, to better hear the voice of the interlocutor and isolate noises; a video on the grid, which will make group calls better stand out who is speaking at all times.

In addition to these functions, it will have a portrait mode, with which the background can be blurred; and you can send invitations to the call through links. This is not everything. Now, during the call, you can share music, video, so it will allow you to watch a series or a movie in sync with SharePlay.

The Wallet app has also been improved, which can now support more than bank and boarding cards. This application has evolved into a pocket of digital keys, such as car keys, hotel cards, and even park tickets. In the US it can also be used to carry a driver's license.

Other apps like Shared for you, allow sharing content in an increasingly easy way. Weather apps, as well as some new ones for managing photos, make iOS15 a socially-minded update. It is expected to be available from September this year.

Mac updates with Monterey

All the new features of the native iOS 15 apps are coming to macOS, so all the new Facetime features, like sound isolated, will be on Apple computers. SharePlay and AirPlay are also supported. One of the most anticipated functions is related to universal control. This feature allows you to operate your iMac or MacBook and iPad by moving the cursor from one device to another. Additionally, the iMac's trackpad can be used to control the iPad, making it easier to send content from the iPhone and iPad to Apple computers.

The photo app is capable of detecting text, so we can isolate phone numbers, addresses, links to web pages, among others. It is expected to be available in the fall of this year.

The iPad, on the way to becoming a laptop with OS 15. The revelations also made their way to iPads. With the new iPadOS 15, animated widgets take device performance to a new level. It allows the possibility of working in multitasking mode within Apple tablets, in addition to being able to be programmed with iPads. The Notes app was notably updated with a series of features, including Quick Notes, which will look like a block of old paper sheets.

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