All Volkswagen models have at least one plug-in hybrid variant, but do you know what they are?

So far this year, plug-in hybrids have not stopped increasing their sales and already account for 3.9% of the total market. Volkswagen they have announced that all models of this type have a renewal in the next generation, which PHEV vehicles are here to stay as far as the German mark is concerned.

All Volkswagens with this technology, with the exception of the Touareg, share the same gasoline-electric-battery-change engine set but with differences in power and electric range between each of them and even with two variants such as the Golf.

PHEVs, a solution for today

The gasoline engine is the 1.4 TFSI with 150 horsepower in the Golf and Tiguan and 156 horsepower in the rest of the range. The electric is 80 kW –109 hp– in the two Golfs and 85 kW –109 hp– in the others, always with the same 13 kWh capacity lithium-ion battery and six-speed DSG automatic transmission. The additional weight of the batteries is about 135 kilograms and in the electric mode, they all reach 130 kilometers/hour.

All Volkswagen plug-in hybrids start in electric E-Mode if there is enough charge in their batteries but the driver can switch to Hybrid mode, which manages the combination of the two engines for maximum efficiency. The driver can choose to preserve the battery charge to, for example, reach an urban area with low emissions and circulate in E-Mode. To do this, you can choose the exact battery charge level you want to conserve on the multimedia system screen. In any case, the system calculates at all times the available electric autonomy depending on the type of driving and the consumption that is being carried out and shows us on the map of the navigation system the area of ​​scope that we can cover when moved only with electricity.

The homologated consumptions are between the 0.9 liters of the Golf eHybrid and the 2.7 liters of the Touareg R

The quiet running during electric driving and the almost imperceptible transition between hybrid and electric driving further raise the comfort level of these five Volkswagens. All the prices that we offer in this article are without discounts or aid from the Moves III Plan and the brand adds an aid of 1,000 euros for the installation of the recharging point. The Touareg cannot be included in the aid of the Moves III Plan because its price without taxes is above 45,000 euros.

Golf eHybrid and Golf GTE

It is, together with the Touareg, the only one available in two versions with two power levels, 204 and 245 horsepower, the first with 71 kilometers of electric range and the second with 64. The GTE name refers to the GTI finish of the gasoline Golf with the same decorative elements but instead of using red as a distinctive color, it uses blue. Their prices start at 43,000 euros.

Passat GTE

The plug-in hybrid version is available with both bodies, four doors, and Variant, with the same power, 218 horsepower, and a range of 57 kilometers in the first and 55 in the Variant. Prices start at 49,929 euros.

Tiguan eHybrid

It is the newest addition to the Volkswagen plug-in range. With its 245 horses, it achieves an approved autonomy of 50 kilometers. During our first contact with the PHEV range, it was the model with which we did the most kilometers and managed to cover a total of 45 kilometers in 100% electric mode, on a route with part of the highway, national highway, and some city, with the air conditioning on. and without particularly careful driving. On sale for 45,220 euros.

For the new generation of plug-in hybrids, Volkswagen announces electric ranges above 100 kilometers.

Arteon eHybrid

The sportiest and most stylish saloon in the range is also available with its two bodies, the four-door coupe and the Shooting Brake, in both cases with 218 hp and a range of 59 and 57 kilometers respectively.

Touareg eHybrid and Touareg R

For the largest and most sophisticated SUV in the Volkswagen range, the heat engine is the 2.0-liter V6 and 340 hp together with a 100 kW electric motor -126 hp- and a 17.9 kWh lithium-ion battery. The result is the total power of 381 horses in the eHybrid and 462 horses in the R, with 48 kilometers of electric autonomy in both cases and prices that start at 81,940 euros.

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