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All Yandex.Drive cars now have “omnipotence” QR codes

The Yandex.Drive car rental service team announced an interesting innovation. A unique QR code was applied to the body of each of the 16 thousand carsharing cars.

In fact, the codes are applied in several places in the car and are affectionately referred to as “omnipotence QR codes”. The code gives access to all information for renting a car or diagnosing problems.

If the user sees a suitable car next to him, then he no longer needs to search for this car on the application map. It is enough to scan the code and book a car if it is available.

Also, QR codes will allow you to quickly report incorrect parking or any other problem with the car.

To "complain" you do not need to register with Yandex.Drive - just scan the QR code and attach photos with a description of the problem through a special form.

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