All you need to know about group video calls with the Signal app

The signal is a free instant messaging application that allows users to send messages, videos, files, voice notes, and more to individuals and groups, and the application also allows you to make group voice calls and encrypted video calls.

How to make a group video call on Signal?

You need to create a group first, moreover, if there are more than 8 members in the group, everyone will not be able to participate in the call, only 8 members are allowed to participate in the group video call on Signal.

How do I make a Signal group video call?

1. Open the group and tap on the video icon at the top of the screen.

2. Your selfie camera will be on. Click on the login option.

3. The call will start and other group members will receive a notification of the call, also, an alert will appear in the group chat history

Can you make a conference call on Signal?

Yes, Signal allows you to make conference calls, which are private, free, and end-to-end encrypted.

How to create a group in Signal?

1. Open Signal on your smartphone.

2. Click on the Create option, then click on New Group.

3. Select contacts of your choice or enter phone numbers (an unsafe MMS group can have a maximum of 10 members and a new group can have up to 1,000 members).

4. Click on the Next option to see the type of group.

5. Choose a group name (the unsafe MMS group does not support contacts).

Finally, click on the Create option.

Is Signal safe for video calls?

Signal calls and messages are end-to-end encrypted and secure and therefore cannot be accessed by the app itself or other third parties.

How many people can make video calls on Signal?

A maximum of eight members in a group can participate in a Signal group video call.

How many members can be added to a Signal group?

A new Signal group can have up to 1,000 members while an unsecured MMS group can have a maximum of 10 members.

How do I leave a group on Signal?

Signal Legacy Group members can choose to leave the group themselves. Listed below are the steps:

In Signal, display the group chat

1. Click on the group name or head to see chat settings

2. Select the option Leave the group

3. Select Yes to confirm

What is Legacy Group on Signal?

Old group chats are groups of users who have not downloaded the latest beta version of Signal, this means that additional features such as mentions and group admins will not be available. Furthermore, it is not necessary to obtain this update.

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