All you need to know about the new AAB format for Android apps


The approved format for Android applications has been the APK format for a long period of time. But suddenly Google decided to change the format to become AAB.

What is the AAB formula and what is new in it?

And the Android system has always been distinguished by its support for downloading and installing applications and games from outside the store. Therefore, users are aware of the APK format and what it is, unlike the situation on Apple's iOS system.

Any user can download any application and install it on the phone without the need for a store. Besides, other phones that do not support the Play Store - such as Huawei phones - can also access these applications.

These factors have made Android a popular platform for the freedom it offers users. Despite this, it seems that Google is about to make major changes in the way applications work, changes that may be negative or positive.

The difference between AAB and APK format

The format is the file type, or file extension, just like EXE for Windows or PNG for images. And years ago, the format of Android apps and games was APK, until Google announced the new format at the last Google I/O conference.

The word APK stands for “Android Application Package”, i.e. an Android application package. This type of file can be described as a zip file containing hundreds of small files that make up the application.

Since this single file contains all of the application's files, it causes a major problem, which is the increase in the capacity and storage of the file itself. One of the obstacles facing the application developer is that he is forced to write the application programming appropriately for all devices and phones and as a result the application space increases.

And Google started developing the AAB format to solve all the problems in the current APK format, but the application will be dealt with by Google itself.

AAB stands for Android Application Bundle, i.e. the bundled Android application package. In the future, developers will develop their applications in this new format and then upload them to the store, for the latter to deal with.

Later when a user downloads an app from the store it won't download the entire app. Instead, it will only download the part needed for the first launch of the app, and later it will be able to load the rest of the components when it starts using them.

Although this step comes to serve users, it will negatively affect another segment of users. First, users of Huawei phones, or any phones that do not support Google services. The second is Microsoft itself!

We understood that dealing with the new AAB format by the system will depend on Google services and the Play Store, which will not be available to Huawei users, or on Windows 11, which will depend on the Amazon store and traditional APK applications.

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