Alliance announced to develop of video monitoring solutions

Technology is present in our daily lives. It allows us to entertain, communicate, work, study, and also stay safe thanks to the installation and monitoring of security cameras. But for these systems to be truly effective, solutions that are capable of analyzing information are required and for this Intel and Claro 360 announced a strategic alliance.

Together, the companies shared that develop intelligent solutions for video monitoring. In detail, thanks to this collaboration, Claro 360 will be able to more efficiently perform the visual analysis of the videos from thousands of cameras, facilitating security and identification tasks.

The intention of the companies is to take their proposal to users, collaborators, or fleets, in addition to supporting health security tasks in some countries.

It should be said that Claro 360 is an ecosystem of consolidated, interconnected, and collaborative web and mobile platforms that coexist in the same space and operate with the intention of improving user security.

With its offer, the company seeks to promote digitization and expand the use of technology for all users, corporate and business, or even governments.

As an example of the solutions offered by Claro 360, in Mexico, it carries out a non-profit project with the Carlos Slim Foundation and the Sanitary Security Platform, focused on providing digital health services that automate the communication cycle between health institutions and their patients. For this, they have the support of 3rd Generation Intel Xeon processors in the technical back-end with which, afrman, the scalability, and flexibility of the solution are assured.

Technology is a very important pillar in our day to day, we use it to carry out countless personal, professional, entertainment activities and more. Claro 360 is a very practical and current example of what technology can do to facilitate our work performance, the administration of our personnel, or the harmonization of processes in the public administration, said Luis Fuentes, CEO of Claro 360.

The executive also shared that Intel's architecture will allow them to improve workload performance by up to 30% and drive the scaling of their solution, impacting thousands of people.

An opportunity for companies

The companies shared that the health contingency demonstrated the need among companies to invest in technology that allows them to maintain their productivity and continue to grow. In that sense, they consider data processing capacity essential.

"Added to a robust ecosystem of platforms, this processing power allows us to deliver tangible solutions, such as Claro 360, which result in a broad benefit both for businesses from different verticals, as well as for society", they assured.

As part of the alliance, and considering that the Internet of Things (IoT) market is at the center of a global digital transformation, they said that, through a broad portfolio of products, Intel is transforming the way we do business in different industries create and deliver products and services, as well as how they conduct their operations.

The solutions may apply to a variety of industries but are finding greater potential in the manufacturing, hospital, retail, and public safety sectors.

To that end, Intel recently announced its family of processors' latest scalable, 3rd Generation Intel Xeon, he said, they are designed to deliver the widest range of workloads. In fact, more than 95% of the world's data runs on an Intel component at some point, according to IDC. Additionally, in 2021, each and every one of the world's largest cloud service providers will offer services based on Intel Xeon. This will encompass e-commerce, content distribution, social media, confidential computing, and much more, the company said.

“Our 3rd Gen Intel Xeon scalable platform is the most flexible and highest-performing in our history, designed to handle the diversity of workloads from the cloud to the network to the edge. It is optimized for modern workloads that run in both on-premises and multi-cloud distributed environments, ”said César Martínez, senior director of engineering and senior architect of analytics and Artificial Intelligence at Intel.

The company explained that IoT applications are making the world smarter, more connected, and more efficient. However, they also involve technical and commercial challenges. Among them, security, performance, and cost are critical issues that must be addressed and, in Intel's view, the context of the pandemic is an opportunity to capitalize on the digital transformation of different industries.

“The deployment of these solutions is undoubtedly one of the best opportunities for our clients to turn the immense flow of data into business strategies and tactics for the sustainable growth and success of their operations. For this reason, we are very proud to tell you about our strategic alliance with Claro 360 ”, concluded Juan Casal, director of Telco business development, at Intel Latin America.

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