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Alphabet launched a new project Taara

Subdivision of holding Alphabet with the laconic name X, which was previously known as X Lab, has revealed details of a new experimental project - Taara. Taara is a project exploring medium-range wireless data transmission as an alternative to fiber.

The project appeared as an offshoot of Project Loon. The latter, we recall, was closed this year. But for the transmission of data between stratospheric balls, the technology of wireless optical communication FSOC (Free Space Optical Communications) was developed. And now Alphabet specialists are working on adapting it for use on the ground, and not in the air.

In fact, a laser is used for data transmission. Technical details have not yet been disclosed, but it is reported that with a line of sight, data transmission within one channel is possible at a distance of about 20 km. In this case, the speed can reach 20 Gbps, and in the future, the speed can be increased to 100 Gbps. As part of testing in India and Africa, the project specialists managed to transfer more than 700 TB of data over a distance of 5 km. To achieve the same efficiency, more than 400 km of fiber would have to be laid on site.

At the same time, despite the fact that the Taara project itself has just emerged, within the framework of the state initiative AP State FiberNet, the authorities of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh are going to deploy two thousand FSOC channels.

In general, Taara looks like a promising project for developing countries with a low level of Internet accessibility. FSOC technology implies a cheaper and easier way of implementation, although it has a limitation in the form of distance.


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