Amazon installs ZenBooth meditation kiosks in its warehouses


Amazon has unveiled mini-booths to help exhausted employees de-stress called ZenBooth, which is a small room the size of a phone booth. Overworked warehouse employees can temporarily escape a stressful job through these kiosks. The Amazon program guides workers through meditation practices in individual interactive kiosks in the buildings. The kiosks are part of Amazon's WorkingWell program, which was announced earlier this month.

WorkingWell is a combination of physical and mental activities, meditation exercises, and healthy eating designed to help energize. In practice, employees sit in a small booth equipped with plants, brochures, a fan, and a computer to play videos of the employee's choice.

The kiosk was invented by an employee named Layla Brown, who said, With AmaZen I wanted to create a quiet space, where people could go and focus on mental and emotional health. The ZenBooth is an interactive kiosk where you can navigate through a library of mental health and mental practices to recharge.

Amazon problems

The kiosks arrive at a time when Amazon is in trouble over its handling of employees and workplace injuries. It has also been criticized for issues such as exhausting 10-hour shifts and anti-union intimidation. The idea of ​​providing a kiosk rather than dealing with basic workers' rights did not seem to get a good response. The company was mocked by many Twitter users about the kiosk and demanded that it deal with the problem of Liveable wages and better working conditions instead.

It is not clear when Amazon workers will be able to use the kiosks. The workers recently sued the company for failing to set legally required 30-minute break times. In addition, the company forces employees to monitor their walkie-talkies if any problems arise during the break. Employees also complained about shifts that are chronically understaffed. So they are unable to take 10-minute breaks.

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