Amazon intends to hire 125,000 employees in America at $ 18 per hour

Amazon intends to hire 125,000 people in the United States to follow up on logistics, two weeks after indicating its desire to hire tens of thousands around the world to fill office jobs.

The Seattle-based group announced in a statement that the wages for the position in the Department of Order Management and Transportation will be $ 18 per hour, and in some cases may rise to $22.50.

The minimum wage for Amazon employees in the US has been $15 an hour since 2018, more than double the $7 federal minimum wage. Some jobs will also award a $3,000 bonus upon hiring, and full-time employees will have health insurance, a retirement savings plan, and the ability to pay for their college education.

Amazon did not disclose the timing of these appointments, which relate to vacancies in warehouses or transportation, full-time or part-time. Most of these new jobs will be available in California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

In early September, the company announced that it would hire 55,000 people in the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region in office positions. Earlier, Amazon also announced its intention to hire 15,000 people soon in Canada during the fall and pledged to increase the wages of front-line employees.


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