Amazon Luna arrives on Chromebooks and Fire tablets

Cloud gaming service Amazon Luna didn't impress much when it debuted in Early Access last October, but the company is still expanding its testing range. The service provides access to play immersive, high-quality games across supported computers, Macs, Fire TV, iOS phones, tablets, and Android phones.

And the service brings its limited list of games to Chromebooks and Amazon Fire tablets. And it unlocks some new ways to try out the service without paying its $6 or $15 monthly fee. Technically, the service is still early access, and most people will have to request access to play in the US. But Amazon has expanded its instant approval of subscriptions to its Fire tablets, in the same way, it has expanded it to Fire TV devices.

The company announced the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max, which comes with an automatic low-latency mode for Amazon's Luna service that may help with performance, and you can buy it with the Luna joystick for $99.

But even if you don't have an Amazon device, the company makes trying out Luna easier, and there's a Luna Couch mode that lets you accept a friend's invite code to play local multiplayer games even if you're not a subscriber.

Until September 15, the company allows anyone with a Prime account in the US to play Resident Evil 7, Metro Exodus, Katamari Damacy Reroll, Monster Boy, and the Cursed Kingdom for free, without the need for a Luna account. The service channels combine unique collections of games and unlimited hours of HD on one or more supported devices simultaneously. This provides a simple way to discover your next favorite game.

And if the $6 per month package for Luna Plus Channel the main channel curated with over 95 games of each genre is overkill. There's a new $2.99-per-month Family Channel option that you can subscribe to instead. Customers can play Family Channel games. Many of which include local co-op play in HD on up to two devices simultaneously.

The company describes it as a curated collection of games suitable for players of all ages with 35 games. The Ubisoft Plus channel now offers unlimited access to 30 popular new Ubisoft games, and you should also know that the channel price goes up on September 30th to $17.99 per month.

Customers who subscribe to the Ubisoft Plus channel by September 29th can maintain the current trial price. which is $14.99 per month unless the customer cancels or changes the subscription.

The service is adding a new channel focusing on old games. The channel features classic arcade-style games from publishers like Atari, SNK, and more. Channel subscribers can play classic games in HD.


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