Amazon makes concessions to EU

According to reports, the European Union’s antitrust regulator, the European Commission, said today that Amazon has proposed not to use seller data for its own retail business and made other concessions to end the EU’s antitrust regulator.

In addition, Amazon promises that it will treat sellers' Buy Box offers equally. The Buy Box allows consumers to add items from specific retailers directly to their shopping cart, and on Amazon, getting a “buy box” means more sales.

The European Commission is seeking feedback on Amazon's proposed concessions, and competitors and consumers have until Sept. 1 to submit comments and suggestions. After that, the European Commission will decide whether to accept Amazon's proposal.

Amazon said it had engaged constructively with the European Commission despite disagreements with the European Commission on some issues.

In November 2020, the European Commission accused Amazon of using its size, power and data to gain an unfair advantage over smaller merchants selling on its platform. In addition, the EU has launched another investigation to assess whether Amazon gives preferential treatment to its own retail goods, as well as to marketplace sellers who use its logistics and delivery services.

It was reported last month that Amazon has offered to share marketplace data with sellers on its platform and increase the visibility of rival products on its platform. The move is aimed at persuading the European Commission to close its investigation by the end of the year without incurring a fine.

The European Commission can impose fines of up to 10 percent of global turnover on companies under investigation , and in the case of Amazon, the amount could reach $38.6 billion based on 2020 revenue.

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