Amazon outsources freight vehicles rear-end Tesla Model S, victim

Amazon is facing a lawsuit and the court will rule whether it needs to be held responsible for a traffic accident involving outsourced freight company Harper Logistics. In March of this year, Ans Rana and his family drove a Tesla Model S out and was rear-ended by a Harper Logistics freight car. This caused a traffic accident and suffered multiple injuries throughout his body, including the loss of both legs.

Rana sued Amazon and Harper Logistics in June, alleging that Amazon is responsible for the actions of the driver who caused the accident because it monitors the driver's every move through software . Amazon argued that it was not responsible for this because the driver in the accident was working for Harper Logistics.

The indictment stated that Amazon needs to take responsibility for the traffic accident because it ultimately controls the freight business. Amazon closely monitors drivers through mobile apps, cameras and sensors, with the goal of reducing delivery time to a minimum and alleviating safety concerns. Amazon closely monitors the driver's many actions, including speed, braking, accelerating, turning, using seat belts, making calls, and using artificial intelligence to monitor drivers for fatigue driving behavior through cameras.

The plaintiff also alleged that Amazon requires outsourcers and drivers to put speed above safety.

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