Amazon praises itself for fighting product piracy

Amazon celebrates something by praising its own Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit as a showcase for the collaboration between the public and private sectors in the fight against product piracy. A year after the start of the project, many milestones had been reached. In 2020 alone, they invested the US $ 700 million and assigned 10,000 employees to take action against fraud and counterfeiting.

They use a combination of machine learning and human reviews to proactively take action against offers in the Amazon Marketplace. In addition, tools are also made available to partners. Together they want to ensure that customers only find real products on Amazon. In 2020, less than 0.01% of the products sold were reported by customers as counterfeits. At least I have to smile, of course, because that says very little: There are many customers who consciously put up with a fake because of low prices, do not recognize a fake, or simply deal with the problem with the provider and therefore do not report it Report to Amazon.

According to Amazon, the goal is of course that no more counterfeits are offered in the marketplace. One will also stick to its Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU), which is internationally active and z. B. Employ former FBI staff. You are of course working with the responsible authorities - for example in the USA with the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). Together, they have already been able to intercept forgeries in the millions.

In addition, Amazon has formed a group with several other companies in which information is exchanged in order to track down counterfeiters together. So you can z. B. prevent counterfeiters from simply continuing elsewhere as soon as they are discovered on a platform. However, Amazon would like product piracy to be pursued more consistently and with more resources on the part of the authorities. In any case, Amazon will continue to invest more in this area in the future. In a whitepaper, proposals are then made for the USA, Great Britain and the EU in order to further curb crime in the area of ​​counterfeiting.

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