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Amazon prepares to settle European antitrust probe

People familiar with the matter revealed that Amazon may resolve the antitrust investigation initiated by European regulators by the end of this year. The European Commission is likely to accept Amazon's binding proposals by the end of the year.

The recommendations include ending certain problematic practices, such as the use of data from independent sellers. The settlement agreement should also include provisions, such as requiring Amazon to treat all sellers equally when ranking the winner of the competition.

In fact, Amazon tried to appease EU regulators in June, saying they agreed to share its marketplace data with sellers and improve how rival products were displayed on its site and proposed another settlement in July.

An Amazon spokesman declined to comment on the possible settlement but said the company would continue to engage with the European Commission to avoid regulatory breaches.

A settlement would represent a significant relief from the regulatory pressure Amazon currently faces, though the company remains under scrutiny from Germany's Federal Cartel Office and Britain's competition watchdog.

The company's settlement agreement also promises that non-discriminatory offers will be made when ranking all sellers. Amazon will highlight sellers of a specific product in its special advertising space buy box.

Spokespeople for the European Commission and Amazon declined to comment. Amazon has previously said that while it disagrees with some of the EU's conclusions, it has engaged constructively with the European Commission to address their concerns and maintain our ability to serve European customers.


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