Amazon seeks to make workplaces safer with new robot employees


The use of robotic technology is no longer a rare occurrence these days, however, Amazon is taking this technology to a new level. Amazon has fulfillment centers in several parts of the world, and currently, employees pick items or store them on mobile shelves as products move through the process of fulfilling customer orders. To reduce the need for employees to reach up or bend over when retrieving items, Amazon is testing a new workstation system called Ernie.

Ernie takes the bags off the automated rack and uses a robotic arm to deliver them to employees, so they can stay in a more comfortable, stable, and ergonomically friendly position.

The other employee robot is Bert, one of Amazon's first autonomous mobile robots, or AMRs, and Amazon says AMRs like Bert, which are tested to move autonomously through facilities using advanced security, awareness, and navigation technology developed by Amazon, could change that.

Amazon said that with BIRT, the robots no longer need to be confined to restricted areas, meaning that in the future, an employee can summon BIRT to move items across the facility, and moreover, BIRT may at some point be able to move larger items or carts. The heavier weight used to move multiple packages across our facilities, by taking these moves, PERT can help relieve pressure on employees, as Amazon noted in the blog post.


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