AMD confirms updating Tesla Model S and X cars with RDNA 2 cards

During Computex 2021, AMD confirmed the update of the Tesla versions of Model S and Model X cars with the new generation of RDNA 2 graphics cards. Tesla had announced the update of the S and Model X during the month of January, as the company clarified during the event that car systems would support 10 teraflops of energy, and expectations during this time indicated that AMD supports car systems with graphics cards.

AMD CEO Lisa Su confirmed these expectations today with the official announcement that the new Tesla cars will include AMD APUs or Ryzen chips that come with Radeon cards integrated.

AMD also indicated that the performance of RDNA 2 cards will appear with games that require higher energy and efficiency, that is, the same experience provided in laptops that move between the integrated and external graphics cards according to the requirements of the games.

Expectations also indicate that Tesla is heading to use the new graphics cards from AMD to save battery charging in cars, so the highest efficiency of the graphics card will be activated in cars when the platform needs the highest efficiency and performance with games.

It is noteworthy that the updated Tesla cars come with two screens, where the first screen size is 17 inches at the front, and a small screen on the back for the passengers, with the price of cars starting from $ 74,000.

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