An electric car that parks itself without any human intervention?


China creates environmentally-friendly vehicles that fulfill the dream of millions, as the vehicles have modern technologies that enable them to park themselves without any human intervention.

Electric cars are characterized by possessing the latest global technologies in the automotive industry, which provide the driver with the highest levels of safety and luxury.

Among those features is the ability of that car to drive itself and park itself inside crowded garages without any human intervention. A video clip published by the Chinese newspaper South China Morning Post shows how to drive this electric car and how it can work autonomously to park itself.

The newspaper pointed out that this car bears the name B7 and is produced by the Chinese company Xbang.

The company is equipping that car with technologies that allow it to avoid collision with other cars when approaching it, and it can also avoid hitting human pedestrians while controlling itself using self-driving techniques.

The process of parking the car depends on the use of a programming system that is prepared in advance by special technologies on the car that require photographing the place before determining the appropriate place to park itself.

The technology of the car draws three-dimensional snapshots of the parking spaces that appear in the form of a video on a special screen inside the car, while its path is determined on another screen to choose the most appropriate place away from cars and pedestrians.

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