An experienced crypto trader predicts a $ 100,000 exchange rate by the end of the year

Tone Weiss (Tone Vaysk is a veteran crypto trader, predicts that bitcoin could increase in price up to $ 100,000 per coin. By the end of this year. $ 52,000. Based on its proprietary momentum reversal indicator (MRI), the seasoned crypto trader expects strong gains

I will look forward to a repeat of this situation. This will lead us straight to a new all-time high of $ 68,000 or maybe a little less. Already in mid-November, I expect a huge breakout from this area ($ 68,000) to the $ 100,000 area by the end of the year.

Bitcoin could potentially hit its all-time highs early next month before making a parabolic move into a six-digit price range by 2022, Weiss said. He claims that BTC could explode in October just like it did in 2013. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is now worth about $ 42,000.

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