An image from Google Maps raises controversy


A photo circulated by social media pioneers sparked widespread controversy, saying that it was the legendary Kraken sea monster. A Reddit user posted a picture that he said was from Google Maps, showing a strange creature in the middle of the water.

The picture was spread on the communication sites with a comment indicating that it is a Kraken monster, an object in Norwegian folklore said to inhabit the coast of Norway. The novels about the Kracken indicate that it is a giant octopus that lives in the water and has large eyes, and its claws enable it to catch and catch things.

The user who posted the photo said, I don't know how Google Maps captures such images via satellite, but this image is strange, it is not a ship or a wave formed by an earthquake.

Comments flooded into the picture, and many tried to explain it scientifically, while others went to the hypothesis of the appearance of the monster Kracken. Among the explanations provided by users about the image, the apparent marine creature is just a squid or a whale, while others said it was just a rock.


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