An interuniversity quantum network with open access was launched in Russia

According to NUST MISIS, and ecosystem interuniversity quantum network with open access has been launched in Russia. It united the campuses of NUST MISIS and MTUCI, becoming the first Russian platform for the implementation of technological solutions in the field of data protection using quantum cryptography. As stated, all interested players of the quantum communications market who want to become members of the expert community, develop and commercialize high-tech solutions, can join the network.

Members of the consortium of the Competence Center of the National Technological Initiative (NTI) "Quantum Communications", created on the basis of NUST MISIS, are taking part in the implementation of the project to create an open quantum network: MTUCI, LLC "KuRate", LLC "Security Code". The presentation of the official launch of the network took place within the framework of the Year of Science and Technology.

The network now consists of five nodes. They are located in the buildings of NUST MISIS and MTUCI. The network has an open architecture and scales as new participants appear. During the presentation, it was said that universities, scientific organizations, industrial enterprises, government agencies, and student startups can get access to the network. On the basis of the network, they can develop modern software applications in the field of information security using quantum keys.

It is assumed that with the involvement of new participants, the architecture of the quantum network will be able to be supplemented to a "ring", increasing the reliability of the network and opening up new opportunities for its development.

At the same time, already now, the method of quantum key distribution (QKD) with a speed of 30 Kbit / s, implemented on a fiber-optic connection between trusted nodes, provides the ability to simultaneously connect more than ten high-speed encryptors. The network developers have demonstrated that this is sufficient, for example, for remote control of a robotic arm via an optical communication channel, protected from attacks using QKD.

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