An Iraqi programmer establishes a social networking platform that competes with Facebook and Twitter


Iraqi programmer Muhammad Al-Tamimi appealed to the concerned government agencies to adopt his project, which he seeks to launch after its development. It is a social networking platform comparable to the leading global platforms.

As a site similar to the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, this young programmer founded an Iraqi platform called Freeworld. It seeks through it to attract users of these means and urge them to register in it, to be the first local platform that contains many competitive advantages for foreigners.

Obtaining government support from the Ministry of Communications and others is something that Muhammad seeks because the site is beneficial for both parties. And that is through the control of the concerned authorities over several details, most notably personal information, electronic blackmail, and the threat that has become widespread recently.

Although the site has not been officially launched yet, hundreds of thousands of users have visited the platform and established personal accounts from several countries, led by Iraq and a number of Arab and foreign countries, most notably the United States.

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