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Android Smart Island App has been launched on Google Play Store

In the latest iPhone 14 Pro series, Apple has presented a "smart island" to everyone through the ingenious design of iOS16, which can punch the original "exclamation mark" shape. The area was used well, which turned a disadvantage into an advantage in one fell swoop and won countless fans' praise.

For this reason, Realme praised Apple's Smart Island design as "pretty attractive" and asked users in its overseas community if they wanted a "Smart Island" feature similar to Apple's iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Some foreign media found that an app imitating the UI design of iOS 16 "Smart Island" in Apple's iPhone 14 Pro series has appeared in the Google Play Store, called "dynamicSpot", and supports the Android mobile phone experience.

This app is similar to the well-known "Smart Island", which can provide users with different interactive experiences on the top of the smartphone.

In its current form, it supports functions such as music playback controls, timers, battery status, and more to come, according to the developer's description. Including personalized customization features that Apple's "Smart Island" does not have.

With dynamicSpot, you can easily get the Smart Island feature of iPhone 14 Pro on your device! dynamicSpot provides you with Smart Island mini multitasking, making it easier to get recent notifications or phone status changes. Just tap the little black popup to open the displayed app, and long press the popup to expand and see more details.

iPhone's Smart Island cannot be customized, but dynamicSpot can. You can change the interactivity settings to choose when to show or hide popups or which apps should appear.

Smart Island is a UI interaction method designed by Apple to make up for the defects of the punch-hole screen, thus cleverly avoiding the shortcomings of the screen panel itself, and increasing the screen ratio as much as possible. Playful and fun.

In "Smart Island", the iPhone can display various types of information and controls to the user, including currently playing music, timers, and other system-level reminders, such as AirPods connection, etc. However, due to the fact that a large number of third-party apps have not yet been adapted, currently This feature is not particularly mature.

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