Another DLC arrived at Prison Architect

The addictive indie title of Prison Architect has been around for more than five years, with developers bringing several expansions during this time, the latest of which was released yesterday and is called Second Chances.

As the name suggests, this time players will have the opportunity to help their prisoners a little with their correction.

You can offer them new programs, such as animal therapies, meetings with civilians, or you can be sent to a conflict management course run by former prisoners. These programs can then remove prisoners' negative traits and improve their behavior, giving them a chance for parole, where you will be rewarded for each such prisoner.

However, you must work carefully with reduced penalties, as you will be fined for everyone who returns to the correctional facility.

However, even before the improved prisoners return to the normal world, they can become vendors in some rooms, such as a bakery or restaurant. Through such work, convicts will gain work experience that will better prepare them for life outside.

DLC is available on PC ( Steam, GOG, Microsoft Store ), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The price ranges from 140 to 171 CZK, depending on the platform.

On June 29, the owners of the Nintendo Switch will see it.

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