Another update looked at Raft

An entertaining and relatively fresh survival Raft is such a video game adaptation of the film loser Water World (which many of us love, of course), where you travel through a flooded world on your small raft, which you gradually expand, not only resisting annoying shark attacks but also fighting thirst or hungry.

The game has been in a preliminary approach for some time now when the new content does not come out at a dizzying speed, but we can be glad that it at least comes out.

Anyway, yesterday another big update arrived called The Renovation.

As you probably deduced from the name, it is focused mainly on the building part of the game, when players have seen new objects, thanks to which you will build a luxurious-looking vessel. In addition, new shapes have been added to help you fill in the various cracks and gaps.

Of course, your luxury buildings will not do without more than 65 new decorations, which can be found with the help of a metal detector in a special gift package.

However, to complete your style, your walls can be painted with new options, where you can paint each side of the object separately and create different patterns. In addition, the possibility to color your decorative objects with primary and secondary colors has been added.

The colors are also associated with a customized menu, where you can easily select recently used combinations.

The update then brings several Quality of Life improvements, among which there is finally a clear highlighting of the objects you are currently aiming with an ax. In addition, when using a paint brush, you will see what it will look like after painting before applying it.

The creators have also enriched the local fauna with new additions, where whales, dolphins, turtles, stingrays, and jellyfish can visit you during your survival.

We can call for fame and rejoice for three days, thanks to the fact that a widget has finally been added to control the engines, so you won't have to run to them all the time.

At the same time, various bugs were fixed and some assets underwent visual improvements.

You can buy the title in the Steam store, where you can currently find it for 13.39 euros (350 CZK).

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