Another verified identity in the mobile phone. MyID has a Key application


The Czech MojeID service, which, among other things, also makes login to the systems of state institutions accessible through the National Identity Authority (NIA), comes up with a new possibility of identity verification. The portfolio of so-called two-factor (2FA) authentication is now complemented by the Klíč mobile application. With its help, it is possible to securely log in to the account after entering the password and then "clicking" the notification on the phone. The new 2FA element complements the existing possibility to use a physical security key in the form of a pendant.

“MyID Key increases account security. In addition to the need to know the password, it also adds control of the ownership of the mobile device in which this application is installed and linked to the account. The verification then takes place in such a way that each time you log in to MyID or to third-party services through it, a request is displayed in the application, and only after its confirmation is the login completed, says in the application description.

The security of the Klíč applications is also sufficient for connecting the account to the mentioned NIA, ie. logging in to public administration services and other institutions. How to verify MyID The key is activated in the account settings. The application allows you to link to only one account.

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