Anyone can now get acquainted with the Windows 11 interface

Windows 11 turned out to be a popular operating system: despite the fact that it is only represented by early versions so far, the OS is already used on 1% of computers in the world. However, if the interest in the new operating system is purely academic, it is not at all necessary to download it and install it on your PC an ordinary browser is enough to get acquainted with Windows 11.

To familiarize yourself with the Windows 11 interface without installing it on your computer, you just need to go to, and the new OS will open right in your browser. Windows 11 for the web is an open-source Windows 11 in React project. It renders the OS environment in a web viewer using React, CSS (SCSS), and JavsScript technologies. The speed of work and the response to user actions leave much to be desired, but, nevertheless, this emulator is quite enough to familiarize yourself with the Windows 11 interface.

The system has an Edge browser, a proprietary email client, and an application store (of course, nothing can be installed from the latter), Notepad, Calculator, etc. However, since this is an emulator, no files can be created, so it is impossible for Windows 11 in React to actually work. But for informational purposes, such a solution is very suitable.

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