App against burnout: online therapy is now available on prescription

The number of days lost due to burnout has been increasing for years. A Berlin health startup now wants to help those affected with a web app. The online therapy is paid for by the health insurance company.

For every 1,000 AOK members, there were a total of 5.9 cases of incapacity for work due to burnout symptoms in 2019. Ten years earlier, the value was 3.1 cases. At the same time, it is taking longer and longer to find a place in therapy in Germany. According to the association for psychological psychotherapists, health insurance patients have to wait an average of six months for a therapy place. In 2019 it was 17 weeks. The Berlin health company Hellobetter now wants to solve this problem with online therapy.

The Hellobetter Stress and Burnout product is intended to help affected patients in dealing with burnout symptoms as part of a twelve-week online course. The manufacturer recommends one training session per week. This, in turn, should last between 45 and 60 minutes. According to the provider, the online course is accompanied by a team of psychologists. They give the patient written feedback after each of the weekly training units and are intended to support them in acute crises.

The web application is officially approved as a health app

The Hellobetter burnout program has been approved as a digital health application by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices. For this, the authority also checked the effectiveness of the course. Assuming an appropriate diagnosis, the web application can now be prescribed by doctors. In this case, the costs of around 600 euros will be covered by the statutory health insurance.

According to Hellobetter, 61 percent of those treated experienced an improvement in their stress level immediately after the course. Half a year after the end of the program, 77 percent are said to have stated that their stress level had decreased. Last but not least, the application could thus help those who would otherwise have to wait months for a classic treatment.

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