Apple-acquired weather app Dark Sky has been pulled from the App Store

The Dark Sky weather application acquired by Apple has been unable to be downloaded from the App Store in the United States and other regions, indicating that it has been removed from the shelves ahead of schedule.

Apple acquired Dark Sky back in March 2020 and has since incorporated elements of the app into the built-in weather app on iPhones (and soon iPads). Dark Sky remains available for purchase as a standalone weather app after being acquired by Apple, but the app's developers said earlier this year that the Dark Sky iOS app would no longer be available after December 31, 2022.

The Dark Sky blog reminds us that when the app becomes unavailable at the end of 2022, the purchased version will stop providing weather data, but as of now, the app is still functional. It's unclear why Apple is pulling it now.

While the Dark Sky app will be shut down at the end of December, the Dark Sky API and website will remain operational until March 21, 2023. Developers using the Dark Sky API can transition to Apple's WeatherKit API.


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