Apple Car owners will be able to share their cars with one-time digital keys

Apple car owners can allow other users to drive their cars without giving them the keys. Apple has filed several patents covering this and other ways to operate the company's new vehicles.

The source writes that Apple's car will not need a physical key, as it can be controlled via the iPhone. Thus, the machine will have digital keys that can be sent to each other. According to patent documents, the system will allow someone else to drive your car without disclosing important and confidential information to the owner.

That is, when the digital key is sent, the password or other critical details that can be tracked and used by third parties will not be transmitted. Apple explored a token-based framework using an iPhone app. The digital key, like the one-time password, can be used only once, and access to the car will be limited after use.

So far, this concept has questions that remain unanswered. For example, what happens when a user who has been given one-time access decides to charge the car or go to the grocery store.

So far, Apple's car has no release date.


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