Apple does not believe in superstitions and its next smartphone will be called iPhone 13


Surely you have ever noticed that on airplanes, some hotels, and buildings, the numbering of the seats or floors jumps from 12 to 14. The reason for this is that many people have the idea that the number 13 is bad luck, so they avoid it, creating a problem for companies that simply prefer not to use it. That is why it had been speculated that Apple would make the decision not to continue with the sequence of numbers on the iPhone and that its next-generation would have a new name. But apparently, the brand does not believe in superstitions and will call it the iPhone 13.

Some had speculated that the company would skip number 13. In fact, it would not be the first time that it does, remember that the iPhone 9 never existed. There were also those who suggested that he would name the new generation of iPhone as iPhone 12s. However, it has been three years since Apple no longer uses that combination which, in addition, represented only a slight renewal of the previous generation and the new models promise significant improvements.

Thus, according to information from websites specialized in Apple, the company's Asian supply chain has leaked that the next generation of smartphones already has a name and will be iPhone 13. In fact, the Korean newspaper Economic Daily News published: "This year's new Apple iPhone has just entered the countdown to its inventory and the supply chain has reported that it will be called the iPhone 13."

There are still no confirmations from Apple so, in the end, it could be that the name with which the smartphone reaches the public is different. It is expected to be in September when the company makes the official presentation.

Features that have been leaked

Beyond the name, some of the features that the new iPhone line is supposed to have already been unveiled. Although, as always, nothing has been confirmed by the brand that waits until the day of the presentation to announce its news.

Among what has been leaked, it is stated that the new iPhone series will arrive with the usual nomenclature, which includes the mini, Pro, and Pro Max models. This is striking because it had been claimed that sales of the mini version had not met the company's expectations and it would therefore be discontinued.

On the other hand, according to rumors, the next iPhone will have a larger screen view due to the smaller notch size. Its new display is also said to have a 120Hz refresh rate and will be based on mini-LED technology. In terms of inches they will keep the 5.4 inches for the mini; 6.1 inches for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, and 6.7 for the Pro Max.

Internally, all models will include the A15 chip and it is said that it could increase the capacity of your battery by up to 18%.

As for the more equipped models, it is said that the Pro version will not have ports so its charging will be only wireless. It will also include reversible charging to, for example, recharge the AirPods.

It is also rumored that Apple will experiment with new colors including a deeper black and an orange or bronze model.

Regarding its design and cameras, a few days ago it was leaked on Weibo, a Chinese portal, which they say is a case for iPhone 13 Pro. In the image, you can see that the part where the lenses go takes up more space than in the case of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Given this, the specialists are ensuring that the company will improve the technology for photographs with a wide-angle, in addition to the incorporation of new stabilization sensors, which means an increase in the surface and the thickness in the part of the lenses.

But, according to the trend that the company has followed in recent years, the intention to improve its camera will not only be focused on the photographs. It is expected to drive more and better-augmented reality experiences. In addition, it is expected to include the portrait mode video function that allows blurring the background with a bokeh effect.


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