Apple Forced to Remove App Store Mandatory 30 Percent Commission

After the trial court ruled in Epic Games v. Apple, the game company went to the appellate court.

According to Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, Apple emerged as the winner: Today's decision is not a win for developers or users.

At the same time, Apple's General Counsel Keith Adams said, we are very pleased with the court's decision and consider it a huge victory for Apple.

The appeal of the order, filed on Sunday, is brief and consists of just one paragraph. As before, Epic Games and Apple are identified as the plaintiff and defendant, with the Cupertino-based company also acting as a counterclaim.

Immediately after the ruling, Epic announced that it would appeal the ruling. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney also tweeted, "We will fight." Following the legal proceedings, Apple allowed alternative payment methods for applications in the App Store, while the court did not recognize that Apple was not a monopoly in the market.

The court also stated that Epic was in fact in breach of Apple's contract. The gaming company must pay Apple 30% of the $ 12 million in revenue generated through Epic Direct Payment, as well as 30% of all revenue generated on the iOS platform from November 1 to the date of the judgment, plus interest.


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