Apple found a way to bypass the law on the mandatory installation of Russian software on the iPhone

Messages from iPhone users have become more frequent than when the device is activated, the system does not allow preinstalling domestic applications and gives an error. Moreover, you can simply skip the installation of such applications by clicking the cross in the corner of the screen.

The next message of the buyer was quoted by the deputy Anton Gorelkin in his Telegram channel: “ I have an iPhone 12, a new one, it was bought last week in a Moscow shopping center, from an official Apple reseller. When launched, it did show a window with a choice of Russian applications, but when trying to download something, and Apple ID error appears and a proposal to configure it. How to return to this selection window, I did not find. On the iPhone, you can skip the selection of Russian applications by clicking on the cross in the corner of the screen. That's what I did :) ”.

It was also noted that the Safari browser, in principle, does not provide an opportunity to choose a Russian search engine: “ In my iPhone, by default, there is a search from Google. I don’t remember at all that there was an opportunity to choose our Rambler or Yandex ”.

don’t want to accuse anyone of not complying with the requirements of Russian legislation, but I have questions to Apple. I hope to hear their official position on this matter. - Anton Gorelkin

The ministry is already negotiating with Apple to resolve the situation, but experts believe that the ability to close the selection window does not violate the law, so the company will continue to be able to bypass the requirements of Russian legislation.

Technical problems on the iOS platform have been worked out by the company and will be fixed with the next update. - Minnumbers

It is also noted that the requirement to pre-install the domestic search engine applies only to devices manufactured after July 1. At the same time, not all iPhones on sale were produced after this date.

Apple did not comment on the situation.


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