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Apple has picked up new episodes from producers of Breaking Bad and Beautiful Lawyer

Apple TV + has bought his next episode from "Breaking Bad" and "Beautiful Attorney" producer Vince Gilligan, and Apple has pre-ordered the series for two seasons.

Details about the show, which Apple is currently calling the "Untitled Vince Gilligan Project," will star Rhea Seehorn, the "Better Call Saul" heroine, who won the title of "Better Call Saul." Nominated for an Emmy for playing lawyer Kim Wexler.

The new show has no ties to the world of "Breaking Bad" and is expected to break away from the underworld of drugs and crime, with Gilligan serving as showrunner and executive producer.

In a good case of roundabout symmetry, Apple TV+ heads Zach van Weinberg and Jamie Ehrlicht have a long-standing relationship with Gilligan, who spearheaded development when they were at Sony TV. Over "The Torch".

The new series is still in early development and likely won't air for at least a year.


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