Apple ignored the exploitation of workers in supplier facilities

Workers at the Houston facility that repairs Apple devices work under exploitative conditions. According to the report, worker's toilets are unsanitary and inadequate with a lack of air conditioning. This is in addition to getting lower wages from CSAT Solutions, a company that acts as a repair partner for technology companies such as Apple.

The report stated that workers are not allowed to use their phones while working, even in case of family or personal emergencies. Working conditions at CSAT Solutions surprised some employees, as they expected an environment that reflected the prestige that comes with the Apple brand. Wages ranged from $12 to $14 an hour, with little hope of raises or promotions.

A CSAT Solutions representative stated that the company has high standards in the workplace, that the company takes great pride in the opportunities it provides to its employees, and that it takes allegations seriously and investigates complaints.

Apple said in a statement: It is investigating the allegations and its focus is on making sure everyone in its supply chain is protected and treated with dignity and respect. According to the report, employees felt as if their previous concerns and reports to management had been ignored.

Apple said it has evaluated CSAT Solutions' Houston site several times in recent years. But she did not discuss her findings. However, the practice of visiting the iPhone manufacturer and inspecting supplier facilities appears to be so routine that suppliers are able to hide the facts.

Apple ignored its suppliers' violation of Chinese labor laws. The report includes stories from several employees about being required to carry out inspections strictly according to the rules when Apple's auditors were present.

The iPhone maker says it has the highest standards in the industry. The page on the site is dedicated to talking about supplier responsibility. However, the company's suppliers have faced accusations of poor working conditions in factories, with three stories of forced labor, labor law violations, and wage cut protests in December 2020 alone.

The report also raises concerns about the use of CSAT Solutions for temporary agencies to hire workers. According to the iPhone Manufacturer Supplier Code of Conduct and Responsibility, its standards also apply to subcontractors. Their suppliers are also responsible for ensuring that the companies they do business with are in compliance as well.

Additionally, Apple's standards state that the number of hours worked must be limited to 60 hours, including overtime. Apple was accused of violating labor laws at the iPhone factory.

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