Apple: iOS 14 Now Running on 81 Percent of iPhone Models


Overall last four year current IOS device running information have Apple shared on its developer support page. Apple also shared iPadOS usage numbers on the page as measured on December 15. Most of the iPhone old models not using by users and 72 percent use iOS 14. IOS 13 using 18 percent. Another 2 percent using old version of Iphone last fpur years. Another 10 Percent running old IOS overall Apple introduced iOS 14 to the public in September. IOS 14 released years before.

Apple also shared statistics for iPadOS current usage and 75 percent of iPad models that were launched in the last four years are running iPadOS 14. iPadOS 13 is being used by 21 percent of users and the remaining three percent are on an older iPadOS verison. Overall, 61 percent of all iPad models curently using.

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