Apple is preparing to add pre-subscribed podcast service next month


At the recently launched event, Apple confirmed its plans to launch a paid podcast service starting next month, where podcast users can charge a monthly fee to pay users' podcast content.

Apple is preparing to add a paid podcast service to Apple's Podcasts application starting next May, provided that the paid service will be available in 170 countries around the world.

Also, the creator of the podcast content can set the price of the monthly subscription for users, in addition to determining the content provided to users in exchange for the monthly subscription, where users can be supported with content free of advertising material in exchange for the monthly fee, or the payment of exclusive content to subscribers.

The content creator will also be able to pay for free content teasers to attract users to subscribe, and in addition to the paid service, Apple introduces the Podcasts application with a new design in the iOS 14.5 update.

The new version of the Podcasts application will include the new channels feature that offers suggestions to users for groups that offer offers to users from the content creator, with some channels free and others paid, and the feature will also support users to explore new content and programs.

Podcasts update also brings the new search feature, with re-design of pages, shows, and episodes, as users can go directly to favorite shows via the Smart Play button, to start the shows automatically.


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