Apple is relaunching the Parler app on its store after it was banned since the Capitol events

Parler's beleaguered social network appears again on iOS starting April 26, after it was re-accepted in the Apple App Store, but the iOS app will block some of the content available on the Android and web versions of Parler - a compromise that meets what Apple Developer Guidelines, as reported by the verge.

According to a press release, Interim CEO Mark Mikler said the company has worked to put in place systems that will better detect illegal speech and allow users to filter their unwanted content while maintaining strict standards of moderation in content.

And Apple reinstated the app after it had been banned since the Capitol events on January 6, under pressure from lawmakers, and two days before a hearing on Apple's app store policies.

The company said Parler which is promoting itself as a less aggressive alternative to Facebook and Twitter has engaged in substantive conversations with it, leading to a host of proposed changes that would satisfy Apple's content policy.

And while the App Store version of Parler blocks some posts that Parler allows, these posts will still be visible on the web-based and Android versions of Parler.

Parler did not say what types of content would be included, but Apple broadly requires a system to filter objectionable material posted by users.

Apple, Google, and Amazon banned Parler after the January 6 attack on the US Capitol Building, saying Parler had failed to monitor violent threats and inappropriate content.

Parler has sued Amazon, which she worked with as the web host, but the lawsuit has yet to do well in court.

Google continues to block Parler from entering its Play Store, but users can install the app directly on Android -making the ban much less of a liability.

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