Apple is Working on Features to Help Detect Depression and Cognitive Depression

According to the authoritative edition of The Wall Street Journal, Apple is working on a number of new projects and technologies that will help identify stress, depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline.

Apple is trying to develop algorithms that can reliably help detect and diagnose a variety of mental health problems using a user's biometric data. These projects are being implemented in partnership with the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and the biotech firm Biogen.

In collaboration with the University of California, Los Angeles, Apple is working on an algorithm that will detect stress, depression and anxiety, and the project is codenamed Seabreeze. The joint project with Biogen is allegedly codenamed Pi, and should help recognize mild cognitive impairments.

The technology will make these diagnostic decisions by analyzing the user's facial expressions, speech patterns, walking frequency and speed, sleep patterns, and finally, heart rate and breathing rate. But that's not all, as the technology will obviously also check for the error rate when printing, as well as the type of messages that users write, and possibly much more.

To avoid data privacy issues, no data analysis will be sent to Apple's servers: everything will be done directly on users' devices.

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