Apple launches 2021 Christmas short film "Rescue Simon", shot by iPhone 13 Pro

Apple usually launches its annual short film before Christmas/Chinese New Year and other important festivals. It has both the meaning of the New Year and the invisible product promotion. The story of the girl and the snowman.

This short film was shot on the iPhone 13 Pro. The video did not explain what "additional software and hardware" was used. The storyline is a story about a little girl saving the snowman in front of the door. After waiting for the little snowman for a whole year, in the next winter, when she put the snowman outside the house, there was still an accident, but at the same time, there was a moving moment in front of the house.

The short video was directed by Oscar-nominated director Jason Reitman (works "Juneo", "Thank you for smoking"), and his father Ivan Reitman (works "Ghost Expeditions", "Kindergarten Police"). The background music is "You and Me" by Valerie Joan. It was shot entirely with the iPhone 13 Pro, but there is no product in it, but its shooting capabilities are highlighted.

The inscription at the end of the short film, "To those who have waited for a whole year" is the finishing touch. Although it is a Western festival, people have the same emotions.

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