Apple Music Brings Your Choice of Spatial Audio and Lossless Streaming to Android


Apple Music's Spatial Audio and Lossless arrived on iPhones in June and has been available in a beta version for Android since last month. Now, spatial audio and lossless audio streaming with Dolby Atmos support are available to Android users.

Android users can access in the Apple Music application the submenu where the Audio quality option is found with options to enable Lossless and choose between different levels.

Audio quality

At the moment, Apple has not provided specific details on which Android devices are compatible with the new Apple Music features. Apple Music is not the only platform that offers improvements in its audio quality. Amazon Music also has spatial audio with Atmos functionality and offers upgrades at no additional cost to its subscribers.

Spotify also plans to release a lossless audio feature called HiFi, but it will be a premium add-on, rather than a free upgrade like Apple Music or Amazon Music.


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